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Travel Wholesalers & Travel APIs to beat competitors.

MakCorps Offers, advanced B2B tour booking software which is considered as the key part of a modern travel technology and forms the function base for hotel chains, tour operators, tour wholesalers, travel associations and other travel market players. From managing complex contracts to streamlining distribution and delivery, all of your B2B travel operations can be easily managed by our solution and with full multi-language and multi-currency support, you can distribute on a global scale.
Various requirement of travel business models imposes a number of requirements that the efficient tour booking software should meet: ensure smooth online booking and payment processing, support agency networks management, multilevel organization, certain business rules, and much more.
Our solutions designed to empower your customers, staff and businesses. Partnering with MakCorps Technologies gives your business the power to take full control and effectively sector in the global marketplace. Innovative tools enable you to effectively manage your inventory, supplier contracts and bookings with ease. MakCorps is your perfect hotel wholesaler platform. With its highly flexible direct contracting capability coupled with its direct connections to 3rd party providers enables you to distribute your product to any channel. We help Bed Banks Hotels & Wholesalers grow their business.
MakCorps allows you to manage all your travel products on a single travel technology platform. With many years of experience in Travel industry, MakCorps has become the software service of choice for travel companies to manage their entire business on a single platform. As a travel wholesaler specializing, MakCorps provides unforgettable travel booking solutions worldwide. We work with travel companies, tour operators and home-based travel agents all around the world to develop high-quality holiday management systems tailored to clients’ unique needs.
For a B2B wholesaler, MakCorps offers a solution through which they can consolidate, distribute and manage their inventory, bookings, business processes, subagents, distributors etc. Through a single online platform a B2B wholesaler can manage distribution channels along with their own staff and branches.

MakCorps Technologies, a leading travel software company globally, offers a fully interactive online hotel, flights booking system – developed by MakCorps through investments in cutting-edge technology – that allows travel agencies and tour operators to book from numerous hotels with large allotments and receive instant online confirmation. For those in the travel industry looking for a solution that offers exclusive online hotel booking system with great hotel rates worldwide.
MakCorps Technology Is Proud by the innovative spirit we all here in modern Travel technology, maximizing efficiency and automation, intend to enhance. MakCorps Technology offers the new global hotel inventory supplier, providing more than 240.000 hotels, villas, apartments and any kind of accommodation properties around the world, on B2B and XML connectivity.
MakCorps B2B enhances the capability of Tour Operators, Consolidators as well as Travel Agents to transfer their travel products efficiently to other business associates or sub-agents through an online B2B website portal. It generates potentials for companies for going worldwide; so no matter the business partners are within their province or outside, the system works always and creates other partners to make bookings from anywhere, anytime.
MakCorps’s Travel Distributor channel is a unique specialized distributor module focused on offering quality products B2B, B2B2B Booking Engine with complete inventory of Hotels, Flights, Car, and Bus etc. Our goal is simple: To meet your needs by supplying unique and profitable products that keeps customers’ interest and secures your future sales. 
MakCorps technology offers an incredible opportunity for you to start your own travel business and sell your inventory to other agents and make excellent profits. As a travel distributor you will have instant access to all of the travel inventory plus the unique opportunity to build your own profitable business working from the comfort of your own. MakCorps is the leading travel technology company and we serve travel technology solutions to our customers globally. Our solution configured for specialist and emerging tour operators who are looking to quickly take their business to the next level. The system is a set of modules that can be customized towards each type of business and comes complete with an ‘out of the box’ B2B and optional B2C website option. Our technology is proven and scalable for all types of tour operating businesses. The software grows as your business grows. 
MakCorps offers you a global B2B distributor solution that provides travel companies with easy access to accommodation and destination. We provide instantly bookable inventories of 250,000 + hotels and apartments , transfer services, city tours and adventures, tickets and tour guide services, all of which can be booked online, on your customizable website. Despite the high assortment of products, it is very simple and fast for clients to make their selections to book services. Thanks to progressive technology which makes the whole booking process efficient and powerful - from the beginning right through to the automated billing at the end.
Travel agencies, online travel agencies, tour operators and consolidators can access the accommodation and destination services through their own B2B website through an API feed and then sell the products either online or off-line to their customers and sub agents. MakCorps thus acts as a global link between the service providers (suppliers) hotels, transfer companies etc. for example - and our B2B customers. The business model used in our platform is recognized as being particularly efficient and progressive, which means that global opportunities for growth are unlimited. 
MakCorps has been a leader in the travel Technology domain for very long period; we specialize in developing Hotel booking, flight booking engines, Holiday packages and API integration and many more solutions for our customers. Our booking engine gives your clients all the valid alternatives to choose from. Whether you are a travel agent or a company providing tour and travel services, our booking engine will help your agents and clients to get the best deal available. Our booking engine will help your customers to select the best deal and much more. We work with all prominent GDS, suppliers to help you provide all possible inventory for your customers visiting your travel portal. Our APIs not only assists you offer maximum deals to the clients but also helps people locate the best possible options. 
We have developed many travel solutions for small and medium sized travel agents helping them sell a huge inventory on the site effortlessly. Our organization provides you with complete integration service, enabling clients to make real time bookings from your site.


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