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what-is-hospitality? How our Travel API can help?

Have you ever wondered why industries like accommodations, cruise lines and restaurants are all categorized as part of the "hospitality industry" even though they do very different things? What it means to be ‘hospitable’ is fairly universal and cross-cultural: being friendly, warm, welcoming, and helpful to others, especially strangers. That last bit is why hospitality covers each of these industry segments: it comes down to basic human interactions of being genuine, generous and sincere.  Whether you're operating a hotel, cruiseline or restaurant - each depends on the fundamentals of hospitality. In this article we're going to cover a brief history of the hospitality industry then turn to some of the world's leading experts to help us develop a more nuanced definition of hospitality.  From there we'll dive into some tips on how to up your game then cover how to leverage certain traits of highly hospitable people to capitalize on major hospitality

Start working with Kubernetes Today!

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the new standard for deploying and managing software in the cloud. With all the power Kubernetes provides, however, comes a steep learning curve. As a newcomer, trying to parse the  official documentation  can be overwhelming. There are many different pieces that make up the system, and it can be hard to tell which ones are relevant for your use case. This blog post will provide a simplified view of Kubernetes, but it will attempt to give a high-level overview of the most important components and how they fit together. We have used Kubernetes while hosting our Travel APIs like Flight API and Hotel API Currently, there is a plenty of various courses/playgrounds, which can help you start working with the Kubernetes, like  official Kubernetes tutorials  or  katacoda . I also went through them, but in this article, you will find not only theory but also examples, which help you implement your Kubernetes resources. We will deploy a complete applic