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The best Travel APIs (discover & contribute)

APIs and data feeds are the lifeblood of the travel industry. They power everything from selling flight tickets to beautiful map-based travel guides.

Think about it. It’s amazing that entrepreneurs can make use of all the existing infrastructure and data to build exciting new things on top of it. Want to build an recommendation engine for worldwide spontaneous trips, combining flight ticket prices and weather data? Not a problem.
This is why we want to start a collection of great travel APIs to work with. The following list is certainly missing a ton of interesting services, so please drop us a line, if you know of other exciting APIs. The only two requirements are that the API is related to the realm of travel and somewhat universal (public transportation data for an individual city is great but not for this list).


HotelsCombined Data FeedsHotel metasearch (price comparison) data
Expedia Affiliate Network APIFull-stack hotel search and booking API
MakCorps Hotel Review Data APIAccess to data about hotel quality & performance extracted from online reviews published on various booking sites
TripAdvisor Content APITripadvisor listings, ratings and (limited) reviews  for approved consumer-facing sites/apps
HomeAway PlatformAccess to more than 1 millions vacation rental listings
Zilyo RESTful APIBundles listings from various vacation rental sites (AirBnB, HomeAway etc.)
ZUMATA Hotel Booking APIAggregates hotel inventory from 60+ suppliers at makes it all bookable


Skyscanner Affiliate APIFlight, car hire and hotel meta search (price comparison) API
FlightStats APIsEverything about flights, airports, routes and schedules
Uber APIIntegrate Uber in your application
Multi-modal (flight + bus + train etc.) travel search
WAYNAUT’s Wayfinder API
Another multi-modal transportation search provider
Wego Affiliate NetworkMeta search for flights and hotels
Obviously there are also the APIs of the 3 major GDS’ Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport.


ViaMichelin REST APIMaps, routing and geocoding
HERE APIsMaps, routing, and places data from Nokia’s former mapping divison
Google Maps APIGoogle maps for your app or site
Factual Data APIData on over 65 million local businesses and points of interests
SmartyStreets Address APIAddress validation, autocomplete and geocoding


Google Places APIInformation about 100 million places
REST CountriesInformation such as capital, currency and population per country
timezonedbTime zone information based on the location APICrowdsourced database with details about the cost of living, perceived safety and other topics for cities and countries worldwide
OpenWeatherMap APIWell, pretty obvious, right? Free tier!
Sunset and sunrise times APISunrise and sunset times – plain, simple and free APIAccess more than 50.000 outdoor webcams
izi.TRAVEL APIProvides access to a large collection of city and museum multimedia guides


WorldMate APIExtracts travel data from confirmation emails of more than 1300 sources like airlines or hotel booking sites
allmyles APIAttempts to provide all “global bookable travel” content in one API, so far includes flights, hotels and car rentals
Travelpayouts APIProvides travel content (flights & hotels) in an affiliate model


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