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One of the essential elements of SEO is picking the right keyword, making them rank & track the keyword position in search. It is  absolutely necessary  for a blogger or SEO professional to  check their Google keyword ranking  for target keywords. One of the most common mistakes bloggers and website administrators make is that they write and publish articles  without targeting any keywords at all . It takes only 10-15 minutes to use keyword research tools like SEMRUSH or the KWfinder to find which keywords to use. Make sure you take advantage of these tools in order to accomplish this  very important  step! Once you are finished writing an SEO-optimized post using your target keywords, your next task is to keep track of its search engine rankings and to continue building backlinks with the proper anchor text. **Again, proper keyword selection is one of the main factors involved in achieving a better ranking in Google’s search engine.** Every blogger must aim to

Data and Analytics Can Help You Distribute Your Hotel Inventory Effectively & Run Hotel Profitably

The Internet has had an impact on almost every industry out there and how could the hotel industry be an exception to this revolution. Traditional booking mechanisms like phones and agents have been replaced by OTAs , brand websites, and other channels. Some channels are more profitable or we can say less costly than others are. Hotels have to continuously make sure that they are using the most profitable channel to sell their inventory to maximize revenues. Yielding and Pricing strategy has the prime role to play in determining which channel shall be used to maximize revenues. However, some hotel revenue managers fail to determine which channels have been major contributors to the revenue against the cost incurred on them. Studies reveal that the cost of distribution has grown manifold as compared to revenues. This scenario can be detrimental to the health of the hotel industry in the long run and calls for hoteliers to adopt measures to control distribution costs. Some

Whether Hotel Api Integration Or Flight Booking Software Aim For The Flawless!

For anyone who wants to go out for a vacation, boarding an economical flight and arranging for accommodation are the biggest worries and this is why travel agents work hard to offer an incredible solution each time. When it comes to choosing a package or exploring the options most of us would like to have multiple choices in front of us and this is where the  Hotel Api Integration  or a booking engine comes into the picture. As far as the  flight booking software  is concerned, the aim should be on getting one such that provides people with numerous options to choose from. If you are a travel agent who wants to get a booking engine for flights on the site, it gets imperative to learn about the elements that the software needs to contain. The most important thing, there are thousands of carriers across the globe each serving different locations and that too at different costs, the software developer should bring on this all a single page and that too with few clicks.  If you hav


What’s the first stop on the itinerary for today’s travelers? Online review sites. Before they book their next trip, consumers inevitably read what others have to say about your hotel properties. In fact, it’s a near-universal activity. According to research by Cornell University, 93 percent of travelers use online reviews before choosing a hotel. Hospitality management knows all too well the impact this can have on reservations and their  average daily room rate . But how do they turn a review that starts like this: “The front desk clerk was not super friendly…” To one like this: “Chic, tranquil, green and luxurious oasis. Friendly, helpful and yet unobtrusive service…” Traveler expectations are high, and hospitality managers know they need to deliver a  flawless experience.  With a tightly coordinated and capable staff, they can stay on top of the details and provide a five-star customer experience. But they also need technology to streamline employee workflow and antic

Makcorps Launching API To Let Other Sites Build Hotel Pricing Intelligence Into Their Wares

MakCorps , the site that lets you search for hotels and compare prices based on their historic and broader market value to ensure you really are getting a good deal, has launched a private beta of its API — essentially adding a B2B element to its otherwise consumer-facing offering. It’s a move that makes quite a bit of sense, too, potentially opening up MakCorps data to additional use-cases and giving the startup an alternative revenue stream. The API should go fully public by April, while Social trip planner  Gogobot  is the first to add such integration. It also comes at a time when the San Francisco/Prague-based company is ramping up its European expansion: MakCorps is now able to apply its hotel pricing intelligence to hotels in the UK, Germany, and over two dozen “strategic” cities elsewhere in Europe such as Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Prague, in addition to major cities in Russia and Israel. It also targets much of North America. MakCorps  proposition  is based on

How Can Travel Agents Protect Client Relationships with Hotels?

I heard recently that an old problem I thought we had vanquished has re-emerged. This is the situation in which the travel advisor has a client looking for meeting/event space or maybe is working with a group that is interested in hotel options before making a commitment. The travel advisor may actually visit the candidate properties with the client for a visual inspection of rooms and conference or other relevant space. Then, an ugly surprise occurs when the hotel contacts the client directly to offer a “better deal” that bypasses the advisor who initiated the contact.   This often led to cries of “Foul,” based on some vague idea of business ethics. While there is merit in doing business in a way that respects the contributions of others, ethics, sadly, is a weak reed on which to depend in this, and most other, highly competitive industries.   There is a straightforward way to protect yourself against this kind of client capture. Forewarning: Using this approach may lead to