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Just To Stay Aware You Should Learn 1 Hour Per Day

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” — Dr. Peter Drucker Three years ago, I coined the term The 5-Hour Rule after researching the most successful, busy people in the world and finding that they shared a pattern:  They devoted at least 5 hours a week to deliberate learning. Since then, I’ve preached The 5-Hour Rule to more than 10 million readers. The reason I keep writing about it is two-fold: I believe it’s the single most critical practice we all can adopt to ensure our long-term career success. Almost no one takes this rule as seriously as they should. Recently, I’ve realized that The 5-Hour Rule is more than just a pattern. It’s more like a fundamental law in our current age of knowledge. And it’s backed up by basic math and a growing body of research… Here’s The Simple Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule Let’s assume that it took you  5,000 hours to master your field .  To put this number into context , it takes about