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Just To Stay Aware You Should Learn 1 Hour Per Day

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” — Dr. Peter Drucker Three years ago, I coined the term The 5-Hour Rule after researching the most successful, busy people in the world and finding that they shared a pattern: They devoted at least 5 hours a week to deliberate learning. Since then, I’ve preached The 5-Hour Rule to more than 10 million readers. The reason I keep writing about it is two-fold: I believe it’s the single most critical practice we all can adopt to ensure our long-term career success.Almost no one takes this rule as seriously as they should. Recently, I’ve realized that The 5-Hour Rule is more than just a pattern. It’s more like a fundamental law in our current age of knowledge. And it’s backed up by basic math and a growing body of research… Here’s The Simple Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule Let’s assume that it took you 5,000 hours to master your field. To put this number into context, it takes about 6,400 hours of class time an…

What’s Wrong With Work?

Earning a living shouldn’t be at odds with life. I have a niece who is not yet five. The last time I babysat, she was jolted awake by a bad dream. As I lay with her soothing her back to sleep, she confessed (with a tangible level of stress): “I don’t know what to be when I grow up!” The worry of what to do for work was literally keeping this child up at night. How did this happen? What is it in our environment that is already putting career pressure on children? I can’t help but see this is a symptom of a larger issue — a cultural obsession with defining ourselves by what we do, not who we are. I’ve always dreaded the question “what do you do?” To me, it feels unimaginative and betrays a work-centric worldview. The cycle of living to work can feel inescapable (already) so it worries me when work becomes our first way of relating to each other. The more that mainstream culture becomes a cult of consumption, the more tied we are to production, earnings, and deriving meaning from extern…