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Price Comparison API — A Transparent Way to Drive Direct Bookings

The past five years have seen a relatively new product category hit the market for hotels: price comparison websites. This sudden proliferation has come hand in hand with the increasing move to drive direct bookings. As OTAs consolidate, many hotels feel constrained by high third-party commission rates, and the benefits of a book direct strategy are more widely understood. How do price comparison websites work? What are the benefits to your hotel of using one? Can you make such websites? The premise behind price check widgets is simple: when placed on a hotel’s website, it gives guests a clear, immediate way to see the price differences between the hotel’s own site and the price on various OTAs. Ideally, the guest should see that the hotel’s own price is equal to or lower than that of any third-party site. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s up to the hotel to ensure that their direct rates are better or the same as any third-party rates (there are a few widgets